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Nicola is both sculptor and songwriter.
With an honours degree from Camberwell College of Art she is also a qualified art teacher.

Nicola inhabits a long line of artists and musicians.
She is the wife of Raphael Ravenscroft,
the late legendary saxophonist (Baker St, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Abba etc.)
... the great granddaughter of Herbert Menzies Marshall (Vice president of the Royal Watercolour Society)
... and daughter of the late Dr Peter Noël-Perkins
(artist musician and professor of architecture, Australia).

Nicola writes ...
"Sculpture, music, architecture and song share a spatial quality
these communicative art forms carve meaning into space:
they attract participation and engagement".

"The still silent presence that a sculpture offers up is mysterious, other worldly almost:
it invites a peaceful involvement, a feeling, a hearing, an intuitive sensing:
my sculptures become living experiences, installations singing in space.
They become my friends".

"I try to harness the ephemeral essence of my subject,
and then I work that particular feeling to create something beautiful:
it's a little like writing a melody, a song about someone of something".

"For me, the inherent joy of being a sculptor lies in three life giving experiences:
first, in the moment of conception,
second, in the deep fulfilment that comes from the journey of creating something meaningful,
something beautiful,
and third, in the reaction and heart response to the piece from the audience".

"Is it our responsibility as citizens of the earth, to use wisely our infinite fountain of creativity?
We have the ability to respond: we have flexible imaginations:
now we must love".

Please take a look at my film short: it explains my practice.

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