National memorial sculpture commission,
honouring the NHS and healthcare workers who
gave their lives on the covid front line

Nicola Ravenscroft

“I remember that the first emotion I felt when invited to come up with a concept, was one of deep sadness. I mused on the sacrificial hearts of so many, courageous, innocent, and now silent. I kept returning in my mind to the tomb of the unknown warrior and in fiery gratitude, I knew that I must give LIFE to something that not only honoured those on the front line who sacrificed their futures to save the lives of others, but that simultaneously, and in ongoing gratitude and hope, celebrated this truth. I wanted their collective sacrifice to live singing into our future; a new life, their new life”

bronze and earth
and stone
and gratitude:
a musical instrument
two trees
and a song ..

whispering living memories,
the breath
the love of those who breathed their life into our future:

tender symbolism ..
two trees touching
delicate as one,
soaring gracefully beyond the sky

to Heaven
victorious and brave:

leaves ..
forged in love
and molten burning bronze
refining fire and prayer,
breathing air
and rain and shining
gently holding tears:
roots ..
interwinding long
and deep earth-holding firm

and then ..
two earthling children
in simple-dappled shade
and light
and small and slender-sweet,
and laughing
on tomorrow’s fragile edge:
our Earth ..
granite-igneous and young
and agéd ocean-smooth,
now holds your song
the stories,
air ..
your breath:

you gave your love for those in life
your sleep is not in vain ..